Auto Accidents

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If you believe your car accident was caused by the carelessness or intentional act of another, and you live in Maryland, Washington DC or Virginia, you may want to contact a Greenberg & Bederman car accident attorney to discuss this for FREE.

You should call as soon as it is convenient to do so and avoid discussing the matter with strangers and/or insurance representatives who are not from your own insurance company. You should be cooperative with the police, your own treating physicians, and your own insurance company.

Car Accident cases are covered by a statute of limitations, which means that you only have a certain period of time in which you can file an auto accident injury lawsuit.  So do not wait to contact our attorneys.

If you have a car accident case that you would like us to review please submit our auto accident contact form or call Greenberg & Bederman in MD at (301) 589-2200 or in DC or VA toll free (800) 800-1144 or submit an online car accident questionnaire.

What should you do if you are involved in a car accident?
Here are a few car accident pointers:

  • Do not discuss your auto accident with anyone but your lawyer or doctor
  • Do not sign anything to do with your accident without first speaking to your lawyer
  • Do not release your medical files to anyone without speaking to your lawyer first
  • Save evidence that will help your car accident case
  • Start a personal appointment book
  • keep your lawyer informed of your medical appointments
  • If you are off work, please get a disability slip from your doctor
  • Keep all your medical bills and get receipts for all medical treatment
  • Document Lost Wages
  • Report any prior injuries or pain
  • keep your medical cast or brace

For more information on what to do if you are involved in a car accident, read our Greenberg & Bederman Auto Accident Check List

Read our Greenberg & Bederman Car Accident Brochure

Negligence: A Primary Car Accident Cause

Negligence is one of the primary causes of car accidents. A basic negligence claim consists of proof of

  1. A duty owed,
  2. A breach of that duty,
  3. An injury, and
  4. That the breach caused the plaintiff’s injury

To get started, simply fill out our auto accident contact form or call Greenberg & Bederman in Maryland (MD) at (301) 589-2200 or in the Washington, DC or Northern Virginia (VA) area call toll-free (800) 800-1144, or anyone can submit an online auto accident questionnaire and we will call you.

The initial accident consultation is free of charge, and if we agree to handle your auto accident case, we will work on a contingency fee basis, which means we get paid for our legal services only if there is a monetary recovery of funds. A lawsuit must be filed before an applicable expiration date, known as a statute of limitations, so please call right away to ensure that you do not waive your right to possible compensation.