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What To Do If You Took ABILIFY® And Suffered From Compulsive Gambling, Shopping or Sexual Behavior...

Studies Show Antipsychotic Drug ABILIFY® (aripiprazole) Can Trigger Uncontrolled Compulsive Behaviors

Triggered behaviors include...

  • Compulsive gambling
  • Compulsive shopping
  • Compulsive sexual behavior

ALARMING NEWS: The FDA has issued a Safety Alert for ABILIFY® warning users of compulsive or uncontrollable urges to gamble, binge eat, shop and have sex due to recent studies and reports.


If you think you may have been affected by this, you may be eligible for financial compensation for having not been warned of these risks.

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Abilify®: The Antipsychotic Drug Now Linked To Compulsive Disorders...

Abilify® (aripiprazole) is the #1 selling antipsychotic medication in the US, used to treat:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Major depression
  • Episodes of mania
  • Tourette's disorder

But recent research has shown that Abilify® causes a devastating side effect that patients and doctors were not warned of...

HOW IT WORKS: And Why Abilify® Causes Compulsive Behavior...

While no one is 100% certain how Abilify® actually works, doctors and researchers believe Abilify® directly impacts the brain's production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter linked to a person's ability to feel pleasure and be motivated to seek that feeling of pleasure.

By altering this system of dopamine, Abilify® can often "hyper-stimulate" the brain's desire to seek pleasure -- motivating an individual towards highly addictive behavior (ie. gambling, shopping, sex).


When the brain's "reward" mechanism is hyper-stimulated by Abilify®, users of the drug who previously did not have urges to gamble suddenly are overwhelmed by obsessive and compulsive needs to gamble.

It is believed that this urge for compulsive gambling is fueled by Abilify®'s effect on the brain's desire to seek pleasure and reward (dopamine/serotonin receptors).

FINANCIAL DEVASTATION: Live Gambling, Sports Betting & Online Gambling...

For patients on Abilify®, the uncontrollable urges to gamble lead many to casinos, horse races, online poker and online sports betting websites (ie. DraftKings, FanDuel, etc).

With impaired decision-making (caused by a drug-induced neurotransmitter imbalance), Abilify® users may suffer significant financial loss through gambling -- potentially losing everything.

But such devastating consequences should NOT be the patient's fault or responsibility -- The risk of compulsive behavior was never part of Abilify®'s warning label!

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Abilify and Compulsive Gambling Abilify and Online Gambling
Meeting at FDA about Abilify Gambling Risks

FDA ISSUES WARNING: Abilify®'s Drug Label Does Not Reflect Risks...

In May 2016, the FDA issued a safety alert warning patients and doctors about the risks of compulsive gambling, shopping, eating and sex associated with aripiprazole drugs, like Abilify®.

The FDA Alert brought to attention the current lack of an adequate warning for these risks, saying...

"Although pathological gambling is listed as a reported side effect in the current aripiprazole drug labels, this description does not entirely reflect the nature of the impulse-control risk FDA identified."

The FDA's safety alert also put out a stern warning to patients and doctors, saying...

"Patients and caregivers should be alert for uncontrollable and excessive urges and behaviors while taking aripiprazole."

While the United States FDA just recently put out a safety alert for Abilify®, European and Canadian health officials have long since warned users of these compulsive gambling/shopping/sex risks and mandated Bristol-Myers Squibb to add these risks to their drug's warning label.

Despite other countries enforcing a clear warning on Abilify®'s label, Bristol-Myers Squibb chose NOT TO add these same warnings here in the United States.

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Even TIME Magazine and The Wall Street Journal Reported On Abilify®'s Gambling & Sex Risks...

Across the nation, mainstream news outlets quickly began reporting on the risks that no one ever knew about here in the US.

The FDA Safety Alert for Abilify® rapidly brought attention to the compulsive gambling, shopping and sex risks -- finally giving patients the chance to understand what may have caused their uncontrollable actions.

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Abilify Class Action
Abilify and shopping

Risks Associated With Abilify® Include Compulsive Shopping and Sex... Which Can Both Be Devastating Financially, Physically and Emotionally

Numerous case reports also show that patients on Abilify® (aripiprazole) are prone to compulsive shopping and hypersexual thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

One particular study in 2008 showed a schizophrenia patient developed an addiction to sex and sexual thoughts while taking aripiprazole.

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What To Do If You Took ABILIFY® And Suffered From Compulsive Gambling, Shopping or Sexual Behavior...

The law protects patients from dangerous drugs that can cause serious harm...

If you (or a loved one) used Abilify® (aripiprazole) and subsequently suffered significant financial losses due to compulsive gambling or shopping, or suffered harm due to a sex addiction, this may be the most important message you will ever read.

Here is why...

The popular antipsychotic medication Abilify® has been linked to these risks...

  • Compulsive gambling
  • Compulsive shopping
  • Compulsive sex

When Drug Manufacturers Fail To Properly Warn of Dangers, Innocent Patients Become Victims

As a result of the manufacturer of Abilify® failing to properly warn patients and doctors of these risks of compulsive behaviors, you or your loved one likely suffered significant financial, emotional and perhaps even physical stress -- like significant loss of money, filing for bankruptcy, amassing large credit card debts, and more.

Why should you suffer and be responsible for the uncontrolled behavior caused by a drug manufacturer's failure to warn?

As a victim of a drug that potentially FAILED to properly warn you of such compulsive behavior risks with their medication, you may be entitled to what are called "money damages", which is a legal term for money awarded from individual lawsuits, settlements and class action lawsuits.

All potential Abilify® lawsuits are currently being investigated on the grounds that Bristol-Myers Squibb® (maker of Abilify®)...

  • failed to properly warn patients and doctors of known risks of compulsive gambling, shopping and sex

How To Pursue Financial Compensation If You (Or A Loved One) Was Affected...

Our legal team has reviewed the available evidence and our experience tells us that we are in prime position to represent victims effectively who have suffered significant financial loss or physical consequences due to the Abilify® prescription medication.

We are currently accepting cases nationally from all 50 states.

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