Evidence Shows DePuy Kept Problems with Implant Hidden

A major hip manufacturer may have been aware of defects with its hip implant, but they did not inform patients or doctors about the issue and continued to promote the devices. The metal-on-metal implants had a high-rate of failure and led to many painful symptoms and surgeries for patients. They are made using a metal ball and cup design, which were believed to be better than plastic, and around half-a-million people had the devices implanted during the past 12 years. After getting fast-tracked through the Food and Drug Administration’s approval process, and during an aggressive marketing campaign, the implants began failing, requiring replacement surgery and leading to many problems for patients including metal poisoning.

Many patients sustained painful symptoms and internal damage due to the implants. During the trial process, it was revealed that DePuy Orthopaedics hid news about the implant which was experiencing many failures. They were recalled officially in 2010, but as early as 2008 executives were informed the device had flaws. Doctors were not informed about these flaws and the internal studies which showed defects in the device, as well. The device was implanted in 93,000 people by the time the company announced a recall. The company now faces around 10,00 lawsuits, according to news reports.