Fatal Dog Attack Statistics Revealed

In 2012, there were 38 deadly dog attacks in the United States, and even though pit bulls compose of less than 5% of the dog population in the US, they contributed to 61% of fatalities. Pitt bulls and rottweilers altogether contributed to 68% of deadly attacks, and from 2005-2012 these two dogs accounted for 73% of attacks of all 251 deaths. Between 2005-2012, 151 were killed by pit bulls, compared to rottweilers which killed 32. Concerning the ages and genders of victims, in 2012, 50% of victims were adults, while the rest were 8 or younger. Males were more often victimized than women, and most were under 8. One-third of attacks occurred when the victim was visiting the dog’s owner. When it comes to how many dogs attacked, 34% of attacks involved more than one dog. 13% of dogs were rescues, and 18% of attacks led to criminal charges, according to news reports.

2012 Deadly Dog Attacks

  • 61% pit bull
  • 8% Rottweiler
  • 5% Mixed-breed
  • 5% German shepherd
  • 3% other