Move Over Laws for Maryland, Virginia, DC

A digest of motor laws was published by AAA to show motorists what you must do when an emergency vehicle is approaching.

In Maryland, if you see an emergency vehicle stopped in a lane in your direction of traffic, with their lights flashing, you must change into a lane that is not directly next to the emergency vehicle. You can slow down to a safer speed if there are conditions such as traffic, roadway, or weather.

In Virginia, the law is similar to Maryland’s. If you see a stationary vehicle with lights flashing going in the same direction as you, move over so that you are not in the lane next to the vehicle, or if that is unsafe, you can slow down when approaching them.

Washington D.C. does not have a “move over law” at this time, according to the AAA list.

If you have any questions about what the move over law is in your state, refer to this list for more information. You can compare laws from different states


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