Stryker Recalls Implant for Causing Pain, Immobility

Stryker recently conducted a recall of the Stryker Rejuvenate implant because they may result in tissue damage from metal corrosion, which may cause symptoms such as swelling, immobility, pain, and premature loosening. Other companies have gone under fire for their products, which were found to have a high rate of failure. The DePuy ASP and Zimmer Durom Cup are metal-on-metal devices that had a chance of shedding metal ions into the tissue and bloodstream of a patient. “Metal-on-metal stemmed articulations give poor implant survival compared with other options and should not be implanted,” according to researchers. The stem hip implants made by Stryker include a metal femoral stem placed on a metal neck. When the neck and stem are stressed, problems arise for patients. The product was not considered metal-on-metal in the beginning because they have a ceramic component too. The problems resulting from metallosis, which patients could experience due to the implant, include tissue damage and higher levels of cobalt.

The Food and Drug Administration has recieved more than 60 reports of problems associated with the Stryker device, leading to the decision to recall the product. Another recent recall was announced by the company when the had to take their acetabluar cup off the market in New Zealand because they required higher rates of revision surgery, according to news reports.

As a personal injury attorney, I highly urge setting up an appointment with your doctor to see if you have the device included in this recall and take necessary steps to get treatment if needed. An attorney can help if you believe you have a case.


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