Washington DC Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer

Negligence. It can rear its head at any moment. A negligent action can lead to injury in any circumstances, but when that negligence occurs on the highway, the ensuing accident can be downright tragic.

A driver might take his or her eyes off the road to send a text message, a semi truck operator could fall asleep at the wheel, or a stop sign could be ran without any thought given to oncoming traffic. In these cases, the ensuing accident can leave victims with injuries that could take a lifetime to recover from, if recovery is possible at all.

Greenberg & Bederman have helped the victims of many types of accidents, and we can help you too. Our Washington D.C. car accident lawyers make it their mission to protect the legal rights of accident victims, and we want you to benefit from our representation. For over 30 years, we’ve fought valiantly on behalf of those persons whom negligence has taken a toll on. You deserve our skills.

There are four factors that need to be proven in order to be entitled to damages. Our attorneys understand what it takes to do just that, and we can assist victims by proving:

  1.  A duty owed. For instance, a driver owing a pedestrian the duty not to endanger his or her well-being
  2.  A breach of that duty
  3.  An injury
  4.  Evidence that the breach caused the injury

With this information in hand, we can begin the often complex process of seeking your claim. This starts by evaluating the various facts that surround the case. It’s important to reach a careful understanding of:

  • The parties involved and their level of fault
  • The extent of your injuries and their effect on your standard of living
  • Insurance coverage policy limits of you and the liable party
  • Expenses you’ve incurred, including medical fees, automobile repair costs, lost income as a result of being out of work, and other incidentals

We can help uncover the facts surrounding your case and negotiate to gain you appropriate compensation for your injuries. It’s our policy that we do two things for our clients that not many other law firms do: first, we will contact you every 20 to 30 days to inform you of your case’s progress, and second, should we need to meet face to face at any point, we will send someone out to meet you if your injuries are such that it becomes difficult to come into our law offices.

These services and more all come on a contingency-fee basis, which means that we don’t receive payment for our services unless and until we get you compensation for your injuries.

Call us today to get started on an absolutely free consultation. One of our professional staff members will be able to assist you within moments.

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