What Health Effects of Groundwater Contamination/Soil Contamination?

What Health Effects Occur with Groundwater/Soil Contamination?
Pollution is something that people are aware of but may not realize the full extent of the damage it can cause to human life. When people think of pollution, they associate it with the air we breathe. Our drinking water sources can be polluted as well with harmful manmade chemicals. Groundwater pollution is dangerous and in some cases, deadly. There have been some popular Hollywood films that brought this horrifying truth into the public eye, but companies are still improperly disposing chemical waste into groundwater supplies.

Tainted groundwater can cause a vast number of different illnesses to humans, plants and animals. The pollution is such that if a human eats plants or animals that have been contaminated, they will be ingesting the harmful chemicals as well. A person may think they have an average bout of food poisoning when they are actually suffering side effects of contaminated water.

Health side effects depend on the type of chemicals that have been released into the ecosystem. Chromium and lead are often used in pesticides. A lingering residue or improper storage or disposal of the pesticide may lead to groundwater contamination with one of these harmful chemicals. Exposure to these can cause damage to the brain and nervous systems. Kidney damage is also associated with heavy lead and chromium exposure. Children are more susceptible because of their small sizes. These health problems are permanent and irreversible. A person needs an experienced attorney to fight for the right compensation for this kind of damage.

Benzene has been shown to lead to higher incidences of leukemia. Neuromuscular and kidney damage are also known to be caused by this type of chemical. Regular flu symptoms that may go unnoticed include headache, nausea, fatigue, rashes, and eye irritation. Excessive or long term exposure can lead to death. The medical costs to treat these illnesses are extreme. A person should not have to pay a penny out of their own pocket to treat an illness that was preventable.

Arsenic is a deadly chemical that is often found in a contaminated area. Arsenic is naturally occurring, but when chemical contamination increases the concentration it becomes dangerous. Arsenic poisoning can be linked to skin, lung and bladder cancer. High levels of arsenic also lead to cardiovascular damage. A person who has been exposed to high levels of arsenic has a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Immune system functions are also lowered which may cause a person to be sick constantly. A person that lives in an area of abandoned mines should consult an attorney immediately if they have any of the related health issues. Arsenic is often found in these areas and the groundwater and soil may be contaminated.

Contamination may take years to fully infiltrate a water supply. Contamination that goes unreported and unnoticed is more dangerous because of the extent of damage to the entire ecosystem. Water is needed to sustain human life and people should not be worried an irresponsible party contaminated their drinking water. Large companies and individuals alike need to be held responsible. An attorney can help victims of groundwater contamination. Contact our law office for a free groundwater contamination case evaluation.