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What To Do If You Have Experienced Serious Complications As A Result of Cataract Surgery

If you have been injured following cataract surgery, and you are concerned that a surgeon might be responsible for your injuries, continue reading to discover what you can do.

It is expected that patients will come out of cataract surgery with improved vision and the ability to enjoy life. Most people do very well after their surgeries. Sometimes, however, a surgeon's error can lead to life-changing complications:


  • Retinal detachment
  • Pain in or around the eye
  • Eye swelling and irritation
  • Blindness
  • Blurred vision

Technology for cataract surgery has advanced a great deal over the past 20 years. Some surgeons are not up to date on how to best use modern surgical equipment on you or your loved ones. When this happens, devastating results can happen.

While no surgery is perfectly safe, and complications can occur without a surgeon's mistake, many injuries from cataract surgery can be avoided. It is important that your surgeon focuses his complete time and attention on your surgery.

Mistakes Your Surgeon May Have Made During Cataract Surgery

Your surgeon should be careful to place the correct lens in your eye during surgery. Sometimes, a surgeon places a one-piece lens in your eye where a three-piece lens is needed. This can cause great pain, irritation, and blurry vision.

Your surgeon should also be prepared to handle complications during surgery. Some cataract surgeons are not familiar with the correct procedures to handle such complications. This can be very dangerous to your health, as handling complications incorrectly can cause an even worse injury to you.

UPDATE: Recent $463,000 Verdict In Case Against Dr. Ronald Anderson, M.D.

John J. Sellinger of Greenberg & Bederman recently represented a cataract surgery victim in a case against Dr. Ronald Anderson, M.D., a cataract surgeon practicing in Washington, DC. Ms. Burgess (the victim) underwent cataract surgery by Dr. Anderson.

During the procedure, she suffered a hemorrhage in her eye. She was in extreme pain during surgery and for 10 days afterward. Dr. Ronald Anderson did not correctly manage the hemorrhage during surgery and did not recognize the problem for ten days afterwards, at which time he referred Ms. Burgess to a retinal surgeon. It was too late to save her vision, and she is blind in her right eye.

On March 31, 2014, the jury in Superior Court for the District of Columbia returned a verdict of $463,000, against Dr. Anderson.

If you feel that your cataract surgeon has possibly caused an injury to you during cataract surgery, please know that there is something that you can do today that can help you.

The 3 Mistakes To Watch Out For After Cataract Surgery

#1. The Doctor Doesn't Follow Up With You After Your Surgery

After your cataract surgery, your surgeon should require that you visit his office for an examination. He or she should spend time with you discussing how your eye feels. It is very important for your surgeon to take action if you tell him or her about pain, blurry vision, or blindness.

#2. The Doctor Doesn't Spend Enough Time Examining You After The Surgery

Research shows that some injuries that happen during or after cataract surgery, if caught early enough, are repairable. It is very important that your cataract surgeon listen to you when you tell him how you are doing, and immediately refer you to a specialist if you are having problems.

#3. The Doctor Doesn't Refer You To A Specialist In Time If There Is A Problem

It is important for you to see a retina specialist as quickly as possible after surgery when you are experiencing vision problems.

While your cataract surgeon is a doctor, they are typically not best-qualified to treat certain dangerous complications that arise from cataract surgeries.

If your doctor does not refer you to a specialist quickly enough, you might lose the opportunity to regain your vision.

If you feel that your cataract surgeon has missed a chance to diagnose your injury after cataract surgery, please know that there is something that you can do today that can help you deal with and cope with the troubling condition you are in.

How This Affects Family Members

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury after cataract surgery, it can be very difficult for your family to cope. Loved ones often bear the burden of helping their family members with household tasks and driving to appointments. When a family member suffers from an injury after a cataract surgery, everyone in your family suffers with them.

If you feel that a family member has been injured after cataract surgery, you can help them take the first step towards a better future...

Your Legal Options Explained

How To Connect With A Local Cataract Surgery Injury Attorney...

The first step we recommend is having a free consultation with one of our qualified cataract surgery lawyers. You will speak to a cataract surgery lawyer in total confidentiality, with no commitments necessary from you. In other words, it is a risk-free opportunity for you to better understand what your legal options are moving forward. You are not obligated to work with us and it won't cost you anything.

The medical attorneys at Greenberg & Bederman will discuss with you (in plain english) the details of your potential case, how the process would work, and what to expect at every step.

The goal of this free consultation is to educate you on the process of participating in a lawsuit as a victim of a failed cataract surgery that caused harm to you or a loved one.

You are not alone. We are currently speaking to many cataract surgery patients who have recently experienced injuries, pain, blurred vision and blindness as the result of a failed cataract surgery here in the Washington, DC Metro area. We are glad to be providing hope for financial compensation, so that you or your loved one can get the care and treatment you need.

Get A Free, No-Risk Attorney Consultation To Discuss Your Legal Options As A Victim of Cataract Surgery Complications

If you feel your (or your loved one's) cataract surgery injury may be the result of a surgeon's mistake or incompetence, contact us today to get a free legal consultation with our local attorneys here in the MD, DC and VA area.

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The goal of this free consultation is to educate you on your legal options as a victim of a failed cataract surgery that caused harm to you or a loved one.

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