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Did you use JUUL® when you were under 18?

...AND did you get addicted to nicotine?

If so, this may be the most important message you will ever read -- and it could significantly benefit you financially...


Our law office and associate counsel combined have successfully won for our clients over $4 BILLION in verdicts & settlements.


At A Glance:

  • There is evidence that JUUL Labs may have illegally marketed JUUL® to minors to increase product use -- knowing that a teen’s developing brain is more vulnerable to addiction.
  • JUUL® use amongst teens has skyrocketed.
  • Many began "juuling" as a minor (under 18) and became addicted to its nicotine.
  • JUUL® contains high levels of nicotine -- a single pod being equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.
  • Our law firm is helping young individuals who used JUUL® as a minor and subsequently became addicted to nicotine seek financial compensation.
  • Our attorneys are offering free consultations that are 100% confidential and without risk.
  • CONFIDENTIAL GUARANTEE: Parents/family members do NOT need to know or find out if you are now 18 or older. Current minors (17 and under) who wish to participate do require a parent's involvement.
  • SAFETY GUARANTEE: There is ZERO-RISK to you for contacting our firm and ZERO-RISK to you for sharing your story as a JUUL® user as a minor. Not now, not ever. You are 100% safe. There are no unintended risks to worry about.

If you used JUUL® as a minor and later became addicted to nicotine, you may be eligible for significant compensation.

Talk to one of our JUUL® addiction attorneys today. We are offering free legal consultations for a limited time. Click the button below to request a conversation with our legal team and discover your eligibility to participate...

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Watch The Video Above

Everyone at school juuled. It was everywhere. -- But none of us thought we’d all become addicted to nicotine because of it. -- Kids don’t think about that stuff...”

Please watch the video to understand how the alleged deceptive marketing and advertising to minors turned JUUL® into the biggest e-cigarette product in the world, with its company JUUL Labs® now worth an estimated $38 BILLION DOLLARS.

JUUL® is everywhere. You see it at school, outside school, in the car, at work and at home...

Think about how many kids you have seen juuling?

You’ve heard about the vape detectors schools are now installing in bathrooms to try and put a stop to it.

It’s no wonder JUUL® is worth $38 BILLION -- JUUL® use has skyrocketed even amongst youth who have NEVER smoked a regular cigarette before!

The problem though, is JUUL® contains a highly addictive substance (nicotine) -- and JUUL Labs® may have deceptively marketed JUUL® to kids knowing the teen brain has been scientifically proven to be more susceptible to nicotine addiction.

Were you surprised how quickly you found yourself addicted to JUUL®’s nicotine? If so, you’re not alone...

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JUUL marketing to children

Congressman to JUUL® co-founder: “You’re nothing but a marketer of poison and your target has been young people.”

Congress unleashed its anger at JUUL® for its alleged deceptive marketing to underage teens recently, as JUUL®’s co-founder was called to testify before congress.

Members of congress took turns ripping into JUUL®'s executive team about all the sneaky tactics they had employed to allegedly get underage kids hooked on JUUL® products.

Of particular note and what many considered highly-deceptive, were the “teen vaping prevention” talks held at schools that received payment from JUUL®, where JUUL salespeople taught students about JUUL® and vaping products, and their risks -- which many feel is like a candy manufacturer showing up at school showing off all their wonderful candy but explaining how it must be eaten responsibly.

Congress also was angered over JUUL®’s marketing of candy-like, fruity pods to youth -- knowing that traditional menthol and tobacco flavors are difficult to sell amongst youth.

Yet another sneaky marketing tactic JUUL® employed, that angered congress, was JUUL®’s use of “social influencers” on instagram -- a platform where you only have to be 13 years old to have an account.

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JUUL Lawsuit

You can now seek financial compensation if you used JUUL® while under 18 and became addicted...

When companies engage in illegal or deceptive marketing targeted to minors, and the result of those efforts is something as serious as nicotine addiction, there are laws in place which hold such companies responsible for their actions.

As such, our law firm is helping those who started using JUUL® under the age of 18 and subsequently became addicted to nicotine -- no matter what age they may be right now.

Our law firm has accumulated a significant amount of evidence, and we believe we are in a position to effectively represent individuals in their seeking of financial compensation.

What this means: Our attorneys can file a lawsuit against JUUL Labs® on your behalf demanding they pay you “significant money damages” (legal term for financial compensation) -- which basically demands them to pay you for having engaged in deceptive marketing to minors which ultimately resulted in your addiction.

Our attorneys make the process simple. We do all the hard work for you.

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Zero-risk to participate

There are NO RISKS to participate. No out-of-pocket costs, no upfront fees and zero-risk of you getting in trouble in any way. GUARANTEED.

Unlike other law firms that require their clients to pay them an hourly rate, our law firm works 100% on contingency.

What this means: It means we only get paid if we win your case and get you money. It means there is ZERO-RISK to you to hire our law firm. It means we only get paid out of the money we recover for you by winning your case (a small percentage of your total winnings). And that means we always work hard to get you the financial result we possibly can -- because the more money you make, the better we do as a firm.

Further, you NEVER have to worry about getting in trouble in any way by participating. There is, and never will be, any risk of legal or criminal retaliation against you for admitting you used JUUL® or other vape products as a minor. This should be the LAST thing on your mind -- and is NOT a possibility. You are 100% safe and protected.

And another question our attorneys get asked is, “Do my parents have to find out I’m participating in this?” -- and the answer is NO if you are now 18 or older. If you are currently under 18, you will need your parent’s signature to participate.

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You'll understand how our law firm helps clients pursue financial compensation in the form of a JUUL® settlement, individual lawsuit or class action lawsuit.

Act Now Because There Is A Limited Window of Time To Pursue A Legal Case

There is a very small window of time for individuals to seek financial compensation regarding JUUL® -- it is called the "statute of limitations" and the time window for pursuing a case is different in each state.

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