BREAKING: New Research Shows Women Who Take Lipitor™ Are at Risk of Developing Diabetes

If You Developed Diabetes While Taking Lipitor™, You May Be Entitled to Money As A Potential Victim of A Drug Defect!

From: Roger Greenberg & Andy Bederman

Dear Friend,

If you were diagnosed with Diabetes while taking the common prescription statin drug Lipitor, this may be the most important message you will ever read...

Here is why...

A recent and groundbreaking study of 153,000 postmenopausal women revealed that popular statin drugs like Lipitor have resulted in large amounts of new cases of Type 2 Diabetes in women.

In fact, the data suggests that women taking Lipitor and other statins have up to a 50% greater chance of getting Diabetes...

These Findings Have Sent Shockwaves Through the Medical World -- Frightening Both Doctors and Their Female Patients Who Were Prescribed Lipitor to Lower Cholesterol and Prevent Heart Disease

Upon the release of these findings, there has been a flurry of news on TV and in newspapers about women developing Diabetes because of their Lipitor use...

Anchorman Brian Williams of NBC’s Nightly News broadcasted an entire segment on Lipitor and the new research linking it to Diabetes...

NBC’s Brian Williams calls the Lipitor research, "an important health news story" that is, "enough to shake your faith in any treatment."

The Nightly News segment is worth taking a look at because it quickly explains the unintended costs of taking Lipitor if you are a woman. You can click play below to watch...

And it is not just the TV news media that is up in arms about this...

A startling column was written by one of the nation’s top cardiologists in The New York Times. The heart doctor warned the public saying America is "overdosing on cholesterol-lowering statins and the consequence could be a sharp increase in the incidence of diabetes" ...and he estimates there could be 100,000 new cases of diabetes in women caused by Lipitor and other statin drugs alone!

The Doctor’s New York Times Column Spurred Widespread News of Coverage At WebMD, NBC News, USA Today, Fox News, Forbes and more--Discussing The Devastating Side Effect Women Face When Taking Lipitor.. Which is Diabetes

Take a look at where this story of Lipitor being linked to Diabetes is showing up...

Lipitor Diabetes News

It’s everywhere.

Like NBC’s Brian Williams said, it is "enough to shake your faith in any treatment."

So Here Is What To Do If You Developed Diabetes While Taking Lipitor...

Listen up...

It is disheartening to think, but there is a probability your diabetes is a result of you taking Lipitor...

You Might Be A Victim of a Bad Drug Defect... One That Might Not Have Been Fully Disclosed By The Drug’s Maker...

In A Court of Law, You Might Be Eligible For Financial Compensation

Now I know you probably don’t like thinking of yourself as a victim, but when you develop a disease like diabetes through no fault of your own, your rights as a consumer might have been violated by the drug’s manufacturer because they DID NOT fully disclose the extent at which their drug could cause harm to you.

Drug companies like Pfizer (manufacturer of Lipitor) are subject to STRICT guidelines and rules by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The FDA puts rules in place that require drug companies to fully disclose the widest range of side effects that have been seen in clinical trials.

...this is done so doctors and patients like YOURSELF can weigh the benefits of a particular drug against the possible side effects and consequences of taking that drug.

When The Trusted Relationship Between Drug Manufacturer and Patient Is Broken, Someone Becomes The Victim

As a result of your diabetes, you have likely suffered emotional and physical stress, along with unwanted financial costs for things like doctor visits, prescription drugs, diabetic equipment, and other associated costs.

You didn’t ask for diabetes... and you sure didn’t ask for all the problems that come along with it!

Why should you have to pay physically, emotionally and financially for THEIR mistake?

If you are a victim of Lipitor induced diabetes, you could be entitled to what are called "damages", which is just a fancy legal term for money.

These are the "damages" you could be entitled to as a victim of a bad drug defect. You and your doctor didn’t have the luxury to consider the potential risks of diabetes when you were put on Lipitor...

...and now you are the victim of a disease that makes life tougher.

If You Developed Diabetes While Taking Lipitor...

Here Is How To Pursue Financial Compensation As A Possible Victim

It’s simple, so do exactly this...

Fill out the contact form (on the right or bottom of this page) or call us at (800) 800-1144 for a free case evaluation consultation. We will personally speak with you about your case.

Speaking to us, you will get answers to the following...

  1. Am I eligible for money damages?
  2. What is involved?
  3. How do I start?
  4. ... And more.

This consultation with an attorney will not cost you a dime... it is 100% FREE and confidential. That means you don’t have anything to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

You will speak to an attorney who has years of experience getting money for victims like yourself.

And know this...

If at any point you do not believe we are the most qualified to help you get the money you rightfully deserve as a victim of a bad drug defect, you are not obligated in any way, shape or form to work with us.

We are confident you will see the extraordinary value we can offer you. We want you to know after our first conversation that your expectations will be exceeded.

It’s a no-brainer...

So act now and fill out the contact form to the right or at the bottom of the page. Or simply pick up the phone and call us RIGHT NOW at (800) 800-1144.

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!


Roger Greenberg and Andy Bederman

Roger Greenberg & Andy Bederman

Law Offices of Greenberg & Bederman

I developed diabetes while taking Lipitor™ and I am interested in financial compensation!

Enter your contact info below:


(800) 800-1144

I developed diabetes while taking Lipitor™ and I am interested in financial compensation!

Enter your contact info below:


(800) 800-1144

I developed diabetes while taking Lipitor™ and I am interested in financial compensation!

Enter your contact info below:


(800) 800-1144

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