How To Get Help From A Medical Malpractice Attorney If Your Child Was Born With Erbs Palsy

Erbs Palsy, which almost always occurs as a result of a birth injury, is the paralysis of the arm from a main group of nerves due to an injury. Also known as brachial plexus, this paralysis may recover fully in its own in time, but often does not.

The birth injury can range from stunted growth in the affected arm with everything from the shoulder through to the fingertips smaller than the unaffected arm, to patients with impaired muscular, nervous and circulatory development.

The brachial plexus birth injury can cause circulation problems which can leave the injured arm with almost no ability to regulate its temperature. This can be problematic for two reasons. During winter months the injured arm needs to be closely monitored to ensure that the temperature of the injured arm is not dropping too far below that of the rest of the body. The lower temperature of the brachial plexus injured arm also reduces the healing ability of the skin, so that skin damage (bruises/burns) can take far longer than usual to heal, and infections in the arm can be quite common if cuts are not sterilized as soon as possible. This will often cause many problems for children since they often injure themselves in the course of childhood.

Brachial plexus, or Erb’s Palsy, usually occurs during a prolonged labor, a difficult labor, or when the doctor or medical provider exerts force quickly to pull the baby from the birth canal.

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