The Many Possible Types of Medical Malpractice

A List Of The Most Common Types of Medical Malpractice That Can Result In Settlement or Lawsuit

If a medical treatment provider causes a patient to suffer a disease or injury by his or her negligent actions or failures to act, that medical care professional may be guilty of medical malpractice. Even if a patient already suffers from a disease or injury, the medical provider may still face liability for malpractice if his or her actions or inactions increase a patient’s risk of harm or causes the condition to worsen.

Medical Malpractice Can Occur In Many Different Scenarios:

  • A medical failure to diagnose and properly treat medical emergencies.
  • A medical failure to diagnose and properly treat serious medical conditions.
  • Misreading x-rays and other medical test results.
  • Medical surgical mistakes.
  • Medical errors with medication or treatment. A wrong prescription or medical treatment can cause serious injury or illness.
  • Delays in medical diagnosis. Many times diagnostic delay can have dire consequences.
  • Birth Injuries. Complications arise that require immediate and proper actions from doctors and nurses. Cerebral Palsy sometimes arises as a result of such improper medical conduct.
  • Failure to advise a patient of diagnosis. A patient has the right to know the medical diagnosis so that he or she can properly assess medical treatment options.
  • Lack of Informed Consent. A patient has the right to understand the risks associated with a particular type of medical treatment.
  • Abandonment. A medical provider cannot always simply stop treating a patient, especially in emergency situations.

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