What To Do If You Were Burned By A Pressure Cooker That Malfunctioned or Exploded

Alarming Numbers of Pressure Cookers Have Been Found to Have Safety Defects Which Caused Serious Burns and Injuries In Users

If this happened to you, this may be the most important message you will read -- and could significantly benefit you financially...


Our legal team has successfully settled cases across the U.S. for victims who were injured by pressure cookers and multi-cookers.


At A Glance:

  • Dozens of brands of pressure cookers are alleged to have safety defects that resulted in injuries.
  • Many pressure cookers, multi-cookers and slow cookers have been found to explode under normal use, spraying the scalding hot contents on anyone in proximity.
  • Millions of pressure cookers have already been recalled by manufacturers due to safety defects that resulted in serious burns.
  • The manufacturers claim there are safety mechanisms that prevent the lid from coming off or being removed while the unit is still under pressure. However, these safety mechanisms can fail.
  • Injured victims have filed claims against popular brands including Instant Pot™, Crock-Pot™, Tristar™, NuWave™, Ninja™ and more.
  • The most common injuries include first, second and third-degree burns, as well as permanent scarring and disfigurement.
  • Our law firm is helping those injured by pressure cookers recover financially for their injuries.
  • Our attorneys are offering free consultations that are risk-free and confidential.

If you suffered injury due to a pressure cooker that malfunctioned, you may be eligible for significant compensation.

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“With so many pressure cookers exploding, would you feel comfortable standing next to one while it's pressurized? And how could you ever again feel safe removing the lid?

Please watch the video to see how dangerous pressure cookers and multi-cookers can be. Our legal team is working with literally hundreds of similarly injured victims -- with first, second and third degree burns.

Other injuries that have occurred include permanent disfigurement, scarring, eye injuries and even traumatic brain injuries (TBI's).

Most manufacturers of pressure cookers claim that they have been designed with safety mechanisms that prevent the lid from being removed while still under pressure. But hundreds of burn victims show a different story.

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Exploding pressure cooker

Dozens of brands affected: Instant Pot®, Tristar®, Cuisinart®, Crockpot®, Ninja® and more...

Unfortunately, most brand pressure cookers and multi-cookers could suffer design defects that allow the unit to explode.

There are complaints against dozens of pressure cooker manufacturers currently.

Here are some brand name pressure cookers that may be affected:

Ambiano Bella Berghoff
Blusmart Bon Appetit Brentwood
Breville Cook Prep Eat Cooks
Cook's Essentials Cosori Costway
Crockpot Crofton Cuisinart
Double Insight Elite Bistro Emeril Everyday
Fagor Farberware Fissler
Ginny's GoWISE USA Gourmia
Harvest Cookware Insignia Instant Pot
Manttra Maxi-Matic Elite Mealthy
MegaChef Mirro Mueller
Ninja Foodi Nutrex NuWave
Philippe Richard Power Pressure Cooker XL Prestige
Presto Kalorik Zavor
T-Fal Tristar Products Toastmaster
TTK Ultrex-brand Vasconia
WearEver Welbilt Wolfgang Puck
and many more...

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