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We only handle whistleblower cases within the defense industry. Contractor fraud against the US Government and Military is our sole focus. It's all we do!

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All communication with our firm is secure and confidential. Our security experts have implemented measures to ensure your privacy is protected.

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Our firm is strategically located just minutes from the Department of Justice and other federal buildings. An advantage most firms don't have.

Whistleblowers Choose Us Because We Focus On Defense Contractor Fraud Exclusively

When you need a brain tumor removed, you don't just look for a surgeon, you look for a brain surgeon. People understand this as patients, but in the legal realm, whistleblowers don't always understand that just because a law firm calls themselves "whistleblower lawyers", that doesn't mean they have unique expertise to handle defense contractor fraud, or medicare fraud, or IRS and SEC fraud. Each of these industries is radically different from the other and requires unique knowledge and skills.

So put simply, we have chosen to narrow our focus to one industry, and that is the defense contracting industry -- specifically defense contractor fraud against the U.S. Government and Military.

There are many types of fraud unique to defense contracting, such as...

  • Procurement contract fraud (ie. cross charging fixed-price to cost-plus)
  • Inferior product subsitution (ie. using unauthorized parts)
  • Improper cost allocation (ie. shifting costs to the government)
  • Violating the Truth In Negotiations Act (TINA)
  • Failure to comply with contract specifications (ie. not meeting design requirements)
  • Testing & quality assurance violations (ie. not meeting testing requirements)
  • And many more...

You need attorneys who can effectively investigate False Claims Act violations in conjunction with the Department of Justice to ensure the most successful outcome and reward for the whistleblower.

Defense False Claims Act
  • Private Security Contractors
  • Weapons Manufacturers
  • Aerospace Defense Contractors
  • Logistics & Infrastructure Contractors
  • Defense Technology Companies
  • Cyber Intelligence Contractors
  • Information Technology Companies
  • Combat Systems Manufacturers
  • Land Equipment Manufacturers
  • Aircraft & Shipbuilding
  • C4ISR Systems Contractors
  • Biowarfare & Biotech Companies
  • Marine Systems Contractors
  • Intelligence & Counterintelligence
  • Missle Defense Contractors
  • ...and more.

Your Privacy Is Our First Priority -- And Why You Should Be Extra Careful Communicating With Other Law Firms

Let's face it... even if there is great reward, discussing with anyone the potential fraud against the government you are aware of is a daunting and scary endeavor. You need 100% confidence that every point of communication you engage in with a law firm (website contact forms, phone calls, email exchanges, etc.) will remain private and confidential.

Sadly, potential whistleblowers are unaware that the VAST MAJORITY of whistleblower law firms are NOT secure -- and they haven't even taken the most basic security measures to ensure your communications and personal details remain safe from public view.

IMPORTANT: Is The Law Firm Encrypting Whistleblower Contact Forms?

Nearly every law firm wants you to fill out a form (on their website) with personally identifiable information (ie. your name, phone number, etc), as well as other secretive information, such as your specific case details. But what isn't obvious is that nearly 95% of all whistleblower law firms don't even take the time to encrypt your information as it is sent to their law firm! In other words, your secretive information, including your name and contact information is publicly available for viewing to anyone looking!

Submitting an unencrypted online form to a law firm is just as dangerous as sending your contact and case details via regular mail in the form of a postcard! And we all know postcards can be seen and read by anyone at anytime -- postcards (and unencrypted whistleblower contact forms online) are the LAST THING you would ever want to use for sending such private and secretive information!

RULE #1: If A Whistleblower Law Firm Doesn't Encrypt Their Contact Form, You Must Take Caution!

We wanted to see how many whistleblower law firms and lawyers encrypt their web contact forms, so we searched Google for whistleblower lawyers and went to 50 of the first law firms that appeared. Only 2 of the 50 law firms had taken the critical step of encrypting their whistleblower contact form -- preventing public transmission of your confidential and secretive information. This is a disturbing finding, and why you must be smart and fully aware of the things that can compromise your privacy and your case.

Bottom line... you need to be aware that not every whistleblower lawyer is taking privacy as seriously as they should. By not encrypting their contact form, they fail to properly protect the whistleblower's identity and case details from public view.

Rest assured, our security experts at Greenberg & Bederman have applied strong encryption to our whistleblower contact forms. Your personal information is kept safe and private.


In this video, our Director of Internet Operations explains the many security measures we've implemented to ensure your personally sensitive information remains safe, private and confidential.

Ensuring Your Communications Remain Safe, Private & Confidential

Here at Greenberg & Bederman, we have implemented multiple layers of security to give you confidence it is safe to contact us via web form, phone and email. Here are some security measures we've taken that you should demand any law firm to have in place before contacting them:

Encrypted Contact Forms -- We use an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate capable of 256-bit encryption with "extended validation" (added layer of security/trust). It uses the same level of encryption that the world's biggest banks and ecommerce stores currently use. When you use our website's contact form, your information is submitted safely and securely.

Dedicated Circuit For Our Phone System -- We have chosen to run our law firm's entire phone system on a dedicated circuit, separate from other services that could potentially weaken its security.

Phone System Directly Linked to Provider -- We do not allow our phone lines to go through any 3rd-parties before reaching our direct service provider.

Washington DC False Claims Lawyer

Our Qui Tam Attorneys Are Strategically Located Near The Department of Justice and Other Federal Buildings Critically Important To Your Case

Your chances of winning your qui tam lawsuit is dramatically higher if the attorneys you choose to work with convince the government to join your lawsuit. You have a significant advantage if your attorneys are located near the Department of Justice, and other federal buildings that are important to your case. Our law firm offices and attorneys are just minutes from these buildings in Washington, DC, making it easy for us to work hand-in-hand with the government investigators and federal attorneys that can support your case and help you receive maximum reward.

The vast majority of whistleblower lawyers are located outside of the DC Metro area, making it difficult for them to effectively work with the Department of Justice and investigators here in DC. Furthermore, a lot of attorneys will charge you upfront for travel costs when they are required to fly-in to DC to work with the government on your case... another disadvantage of using a law firm not in close driving distance to these DC buildings and investigators.

Justice Department and Department of Treasury

Located Near All Important Government Agencies In Washington, D.C.

Our offices and attorneys are strategically located just minutes from the Department of Justice (DoJ), Department of Defense (DoD), Pentagon and Treasury Department. Because your chances of winning your case improves if we convince the government to join the lawsuit, our close proximity to the government investigators and federal attorneys that work in these buildings are a key advantage for our clients and their success as whistleblowers.

Law Firm in DC

The Role of the Government In The Initial Stages of Your Case

It is always favorable to convince the government to join in on your whistleblower lawsuit, since that almost always increases your chances of success. The Department of Justice lawyers will work closely with our lawyers to investigate your case. It is our job to assist the government in two ways, 1) by assisting in the collection of evidence, and 2) by convincing the government to intervene (or join in) on your qui tam lawsuit. It is for these reasons, you want your whistleblower law firm to be near the department of justice, and the other federal buildings that could be critical to your case's success.

Attorneys Publicizing Their Security Clearance

An Important Note to Whistleblowers Evaluating Law Firms

There are some whistleblower law firms and attorneys that are publicizing the fact that they have a security clearance -- and saying their holding of a clearance gives them an advantage over other law firms and lawyers. Please know, the Defense Department has made it clear that referencing employee security clearances on the Internet, especially in regards to promoting or advertising oneself, is prohibited.

As a prospective whistleblower, please be careful when evaluating a law firm or attorney who publicly announces their holding of a security clearance! At Greenberg & Bederman, we cannot and will not publicly state any holdings of a facility clearance (FCL), nor ever use such clearance holdings to advertise our legal services to whistleblowers. We take this very seriously, and because your qui tam claim deals with a defense contractor, you should take this seriously too!

Furthermore, those whistleblower law firms and attorneys that go against the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) guidelines, and who publicly advertise their holding of a security clearance as an advantage should tell you that... just because you have a high-level security clearance does not give you access to confidential information that pertains to your case. Security clearances do not work like that -- just because you may have the highest possible clearance does not give you permission to walk into secured buildings or look through confidential files anywhere you want.

So please take caution with any whistleblower law firm or lawyer advertising their security clearance and stating it as an advantage.

Attorney Security Clearance
Defense Department Memo:

"You are reminded that NISPOM paragraph 2-100c prohibits the use of the FCL for advertising or promotional purposes. This prohibition is also reiterated in the Facility Clearance Letter 381-R. References to employee clearance levels and contractor performance on classified contracts on the Internet would constitute advertising."

National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM):

"2-100 c. A contractor shall not use its FCL (Facility Clearance) for advertising or promotional purposes."

Frequently Asked Questions About Qui Tam Law & The False Claims Act:

Simply click a question to see the answer.

The False Claims Act (also known as the "Lincoln Law") is a federal law that allows citizens to report potential fraud against the federal government committed by a government contractor. A "qui tam" clause was added to the False Claims Act giving whistleblowers the ability to receive a reward if the fraud they report recovers funds for the goverment. It has become the federal government's principle method for recovering funds lost as the result of fraud carried out against the government.
"Qui tam" is a latin term that refers to the ability of a person to assist in the prosecution of a company or individual and be rewarded with a percentage or part of the penalty imposed. In simple terms, it is a provision of the False Claims Act that allows people not affiliated with the government who have knowledge of fraud against the government (called "whistleblowers") to receive a reward for their help. Whistleblowers, under the qui tam provision, are eligible to receive 15-25% of the funds the government recovers in a qui tam lawsuit.
False Claims Act contains an "anti-retaliation" clause in section (h) that enforces job protection for any employees, agencies and even contractors. This anti-retaliation provision gives the whistleblower the right to seek compensation if their employer discharged, harrassed, demoted, threatened or in any other manner discriminated against because of the employee's participation in an investigation related to a false claim.
When you file a qui tam claim with the government, federal attorneys and investigators will work in conjunction with your attorneys to investigate the allegations of fraud. After the investigations are complete, the government will then decide if they wish to join your case. If the government decides to join your lawsuit, you then have the power of the federal government on your side helping to win your case. However, if the government does not choose to join your case, the False Claims Act allows the whistleblower to proceed with the lawsuit independent of government intervention. Though the federal government may not assist you in your case, the False Claims Act clearly states that the whistleblower is entitled to a higher percentage of the total recovery awarded (typically 25 to 30 percent), as opposed to the stated 15 to 25 percent whistleblowers are entitled to if the government had chosen to "join in" on the lawsuit.
When you first file a qui tam claim with the federal government, your lawsuit is filed "under seal", which means your case and the allegations made in it are kept private from public view (and kept secret from the alleged defense contractor). During this time, only the government (and your legal representation) has knowledge about you and your lawsuit -- no one else. Your lawsuit is kept under seal for 60 days, though typically longer, to give federal attorneys at the Department of Justice time to investigate the allegations and come to a conclusion on whether to join your case. The only time where the courts may partially lift this seal is when the Department of Justice chooses to discuss the allegations with the defense contractor under investigation in an attempt to reach a settlement.
The False Claims Act clearly states that the whistleblower (aka. the "relator") receive 15 to 25 percent of the total recovery the government receives from settlement or court order, in a case where the government chooses to join the lawsuit. When the government chooses not to intervene, the whistleblower is entitled to 25 to 30 percent of the recovery. An exmaple list of whistleblower rewards in recent history is available to give you perspective on how much one could potentially receive.
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Want to learn more about Qui tam and the False Claims Act?

Here are further resources for learning more about qui tam cases and the False Claims Act:

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Want to block your name and number from showing on caller ID?

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You are not required to disclose any personal information to simply ask questions and have a conversation. All conversations are confidential and secure.


We only practice qui tam law in the defense contracting industry. We have chosen to narrow our focus on this sector to ensure successful outcomes.


Our whistleblower law firm and attorneys are strategically located just minutes from key government buildings and the Department of Justice.


You can speak to our whistleblower qui tam lawyers free of charge (no strings attached). There are no-risks and you are never obligated to pay us or work with us after your initial consultation.


Greenberg & Bederman was founded nearly 30 years ago and is one of the most recognized law firms in the DC metro area. We are accepting whistleblower cases nationally.


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