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Laundry Pod Lawsuit

Was Your Child Harmed By A Laundry Pod?

What to do if you're child suffered...

  • Hospitalization
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Excessive vomitting
  • Death
  • ...or any other injury caused by a laundry pod

Seek financial compensation soon. You have a limited window of time to legally pursue financial compensation or a lawsuit for the injuries your child may have suffered because of a laundry detergent pod.

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What Is Happening With These Laundry Detergent Pods?

Our children are getting hurt...

Thousands of kids each year wrongly confuse these small colorful laundry detergent pods (or packets) for candy or a toy...

And because they are designed to easily break and dissolve, children are suffering serious health effects when they place a pod in their mouth, or when the packet of detergent bursts on their face.

Did this happen to your child?

If so, you are not alone...

Laundry Detergent Pack
Laundry Pod Injuries

Reports to Posion Control Centers of children harmed by laundry pods (in 2014)

Harmed By Laundry Pods
36 each day

Children are harmed by laundry pods (those reported to Poison Control centers)

Kids Eating Laundry Pods

Calls to poison control centers required the child to seek immediate treatment at a hospital, urgent care center, or doctor's office.

Sent to hospital

Calls to poison control centers required the child to be admitted to the hospital. 2% required critical care units.

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What Is The Government & News Media Saying About This?

Poison Control representatives and the national news media aren't too happy about what is happening...

News reports are sweeping across the big TV networks like wildfire about the huge spike in injuries that poison control centers are seeing.

Watch this eye-opening report on the danger of these "Poison Pods" produced by FOX News featuring the Director of Georgia's Poison Control Center...

It's clear that the manufacturers of laundry pods failed to design a safe enough product that WOULDN'T receive such bad publicity regarding it's dangers to children.

And the flurry of TV news reports on laundry detergent pod dangers is just the tip of the iceberg. Even the big news outlets like CNN and The Wall Street Journal are reporting on the massive volume of injuries arising from these pods...

Laundry Pod Poisoning News

Government Issues Safety Warnings For Laundry Pods

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued warnings and alerts regarding the risks associated with detergent packets and the injuries they are causing small children.

From a legal standpoint, your case as a victim is always strengthened when a government agency issues such warnings.

We are assisting many eligible victims present cases for financial compensation based on many of the product design defects and failures. Further, many manufacturers of laundry detergent pods failed to correct these design flaws in a timely fashion.

Laundry Pod Lawsuit News
Laundry Detergent Pod Lawsuit

What To Do If Your Child Was Injured By A Laundry Pod

The law protects you and your child from products that are not sufficiently designed with safety in mind...

If a laundry detergent pod was responsible for your child experiencing any of the following, you may be eligible for financial compensation as a victim...

  • Excessive vomitting
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Throat swelling
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Severe eye irratation
  • Diarrhea
  • ...or any other injury

When Manufacturers Fail To Design A Safe Product, Innocent Children Often Become Victims

As a result of laundry pod manufacturers failing to design a safer product, you and your child have likely suffered emotional and physical stress, along with unintended financial burderns -- like doctor or hospital visits, time off work, and more.

Why should you suffer and bear a financial burden for THEIR mistake?

If your child suffered harm or death due to a laundry pod, you may be entitled to what are called "money damages", which is just a fancy legal term for money awarded from individual lawsuits, settlements and class action lawsuits.

Laundry detergent pod lawsuits are currently being filed against the manufacturers of these "pods", including Tide® Pods, Gain® Flings, and many more brands.

How To Pursue Financial Compensation If Your Child Was A Victim...

Our legal team has reviewed the available evidence and recent reports that have been issued, and our experience tells us that we are in prime position to effectively represent the families whose children have been harmed by these laundry detergent pods.

We are currently accepting cases where harm has resulted from the following brands of laundry detergent pods/packets:

  • Tide® Pods
  • Gain® Flings
  • All® Mighty Pacs
  • Arm & Hammer® Laudry Power Paks
  • Purex® UltraPacks
  • Dropps® Baby Laundry Packs
  • Xtra® Sure Shot Paks
  • Sun® Laundry Pacs
  • Persil® ProClean Power Caps
  • Kirkland® Signature Laundry Pacs
  • Wisk® Deep Clean PowerBlasts
  • Snuggle® Laundry Scent Boosters
  • Seventh Generation® Laundry Packs
  • The Honest Company® Laundry Pods
  • Ecos® Laundry Pods
  • GrabGreen® Laundry Pods
  • Ariel® Power Pods (Spanish)

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