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Why You'll Be Happy With Our Law Firm...

Below are some of the many advantages you gain having Greenberg & Bederman handle your case. Many of the benefits you get as a client are unique, and differentiate our law firm from the competition.

Lawyers the work on contingency

If You Don't Win Your Case, You Don't Pay!

Never worry again about how you're going to afford a lawyer. Our law firm works on a "contingent" basis, meaning you only pay us if you win your case. No out-of-pocket or upfront costs! If for some reason we don't win your case, you don't owe us anything. So relax and never worry, you have nothing to lose!

Highest rated injury lawyers

Rated Highest In Ethical Standards

Rest easy knowing your lawyers have your best interests at heart. Greenberg & Bederman achieved the highest possible rating for ethical standards and legal ability by Martindale-Hubbell®. They describe our perfect 5.0 rating as, "a significant rating accomplishment -- a testament to the fact that a lawyer’s peers rank him or her at the highest level of professional excellence."

More money with lawyer

Injury Victims Get 3.5x MORE MONEY On Average When Represented By A Lawyer (Even AFTER paying attorney fees!)

Do you really pocket more money with a lawyer? An independent study says YES. The Insurance Research Council’s study showed that injury victims who have a lawyer receive on average 3.5x more money from insurance than those who did not have a lawyer... and that is AFTER paying attorney fees! What would you do with 3.5x more money in your pocket?

Washington DC Car Accident Lawyer

We Use Proven Legal Strategies -- And Work Every Angle To Get You Maximum Financial Compensation

You want a team of lawyers that know how to work all the angles to get you the most money possible. For over 39 years, Greenberg & Bederman has developed and perfected a unique set of strategies and legal tactics proven to get winning results for accident injury victims. If you want lawyers that will go after every penny, benefit and source of help for you, Greenberg & Bederman will do just that.

Maryland injury lawyer

We Take Care of You So You Can Focus On Living A Happier, Care-Free Life

The instant you become a client of Greenberg & Bederman, there is a tremendous relief knowing that your case is in competent legal hands. You can let us do all the hard work while you focus on your recovery, healing and enjoying life again.

Big injury settlement

Top-Notch Legal Settlements & Verdicts

With numerous multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for our clients, Greenberg & Bederman has proven experience with big cases. But we also have a proven record of exceptional results with smaller cases. Our diverse team of settlement and litigation attorneys know how to get you maximum financial compensation.

Litigation Attorney

Winning In The Courtroom -- Highly-Trained Team of Litigation Attorneys

Many law firms outsource your case when there is a need to file a lawsuit and go to court. But we don't! Our courtroom success is due to the fact that we have our own dedicated in-house trial lawyers that are highly-trained in the art of litigation. So whether your case goes to court or not, we have you covered!

Auto accident lawyer

We Handle All The Paperwork

Whether an auto accident, denied social security disability, or investigating potential medical malpractice, there is always a mountain of paperwork involved. We take this heavy burden off your shoulders and make sure everything is done correctly so you don't have to worry.

We'll come to you

If You Can’t Come To Us, We’ll Come To You!

If you are injured or can't come to our office, our team will come to you! As a client, you deserve to focus on your health and well-being. We will work around your schedule and visit you at your home, at the hospital, or any other location of your choosing to discuss your case.

Free consultation with lawyer

Speak To Your Attorney, Anytime!

As a client, you can call our offices anytime and speak directly to your lawyer. This is very unique to Greenberg & Bederman, as many law firms actively try to limit the communication between client and attorneys by sending you to a secretary or paralegal. But at G&B, we encourage our clients to call their attorneys anytime.

Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia Accident Lawyers

Has Served Maryland, Washington DC & Virginia Residents For 39 Years

When you choose Greenberg & Bederman, you instantly gain the advantage of having a law firm on your side that has been practicing law for over 39 years in the Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia area. You tap into our proven legal strategies and a powerful team of attorneys that are intimately familiar with the local courts and state laws.

Top Rated Car Accident Lawyers

Winners of Prestigious Awards

Awards and accolades help give confidence to potential clients about our level of success and experience. Our lawyers have been awarded some of the most prestigious awards in the legal field, including SuperLawyers™ status and the Million Dollar Advocates title. The firm has even been given the highest rating for ethics and legal ability by Martindale-Hubbell®.

Currently Accepting Drug & Medical Device Cases:


Roundup weed killer has been linked to lymphoma and leukemia. Get the latest on the Roundup (glyphosate) lawsuit.


Ozempic®, Wegovy®, Rybelsus® and Mounjaro® have been linked to increased hospitalizations due to gastric injuries.


Hair relaxers (straighteners) are linked to uterine cancer and breast cancer. Learn more about the hair relaxer lawsuit.


The herbicide paraquat (commonly known as Gramoxone®) has been linked to Parkinson's Disease. Get the latest updates.


Exactech® knee and ankle implants were recalled because of increased polyethylene to prematurely wear. Learn more.


Firefighting foam (AFFF) drinking water contamination near military bases, airports and firefighting facilities. Learn more.


Philips® has recalled 15 million CPAP machines (and BiPAP) due to potentially dangerous foam. Find out more today.


Tepezza® injections for thyroid eye disease has been linked to hearing loss, tinnitus and hearing-related problems.


Camp Lejeune was found to have contaminated and toxic water between the years of 1953 to 1987. Learn about this lawsuit.


ParaGard® IUD has been linked to fractures and complications during removal, requiring surgical repair. Learn more.


Nexium®, Prilosec® and Prevacid® have been linked to kidney complications in heartburn patients. Find out more.


Women diagnosed with cervical cancer may have had false negative pap smear results. Discover why labs often misinterpret.

Car accident lawyers



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