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Diagnosed With Cervical Cancer AFTER Being Told Your Pap Smears Were Negative?

New Evidence Shows Many Labs Are Not Properly Reading Pap Smear Slides & Missing Cervical Cancer Diagnoses

Were you (or a loved one) diagnosed with cervical cancer in the last 5 years which resulted in any of the following?

  • Metastatic cancer diagnosis
  • Hysterectomy (at a child-bearing age)
  • Radiation treatment
  • Chemotherapy treatment
  • Death

AT A GLANCE: The Pap smear test allows women to have their cervical cells screened for abnormal cancerous growth. A doctor collects a sample of the woman's cervical cells which are sent off to a lab for microscopic examination. But recent evidence has shown that the labs performing the screening (ie. LabCorp), often overwork their technicians by demanding them to analyze 100's of slides per day. As a result, the labs often misread the pap smear slides -- negligently reporting a negative pap smear when there are clear signs of a positive result of cervical cancer.


If you think you may have been affected by this, you may be eligible for financial compensation to cover your suffering and medical expenses.

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"They misread not one pap smear slide in this case, but two pap smear slides. I think there's no doubt it happens more than people know about."

The Story of Two Misread Pap Smears: And an emotional plea from a father of two...

Please watch the video telling the unthinkable story of Darian Wisekal, a mother of two, who was diagnosed with late stage cervical cancer after her recent pap smear tests were misread by the lab and reported "negative".

Darian had two pap smears sent off to nationwide lab, LabCorp®, the company alleged to have failed to properly interpret pap smear results -- missing the critical signs of cervical cancer cell development.

Cervical cancer, while a serious diagnosis, can be effectively detected with regular pap smear screenings. If detected in an early stage, cervical cancer more often than not can be treated successfully.

But catching cervical cancer early requires that labs ensure accuracy is a priority with pap smear slide reading and interpretation.

The reasons labs often fail to report clear signs of cell abnormalities may be many -- but overworked lab technicians and pathologists who are rushed to process 100's of slides each day are the most likely cause in most cases.

Did you receive negative pap smears before being diagnosed with cervical cancer?

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Pap Smear Technicians Being Rushed? Labs Push Techs To Limits For Higher Profits

When your pap smear biopsy is sent to a laboratory for review, typically they are not analyzed by a doctor, but instead analyzed by a "cytotechnologist".

Cytotechnologists are told to quickly review pathology slides and identify abnormalities that should be flagged for closer inspection by a pathologist.

However, these cytotechnologists are often tasked with an immense volume of slides to review each day -- often 100-150 slides per shift!

Under that kind of volume, accuracy diminishes, and cell abnormalities are missed.

The labs make money with every slide they can process, so pushing cytotechnologists to the limits is simply better for the bottom-line.

But is it better for the patient? Absolutely not.

A recent article in one of the most prominent industry publications dedicated to pathology and laboratory management shared its concerns with increased workloads on lab techs leading to reduced accuracy and false-negative rates in pap smears.

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Misread Pap Smears
Amanda's Pap Smear Lawsuit

Amanda Peters: The Tragic Story of A Mother Who Battled Cervical Cancer After A Misinterpreted Pap Smear Slide

Mrs. Peters, wife to John Peters, and mother of three young children, Nathan, Chloe and John III, had a lab test performed to detect cervical cancer on July 9, 2008.

The test was then sent to LabCorp® to properly examine, interpret, and accurately report the results.

Tragically, per the lawsuit, LabCorp® misread the Pap smear test results as “negative for intraepithelial lesion and malignancy” instead of accurately diagnosing the presence of cancerous cells which would have led to life-saving treatment.

A cervical cancer misdiagnosis case was filed in federal court over these findings.

Attorney Sean C. Domnick of Domnick Cunningham & Whalen (an associate counsel to Greenberg & Bederman, LLC) represented the Peters family in this wrongful death lawsuit.

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The Law Is Your Protection From Irresponsible Pap Smear Screening:

What To Do If You (or A Loved One) Was Diagnosed With Cervical Cancer (In The Last 5 Years) After Negative Pap Smears

If you (or a loved one) underwent pap smear screenings which were reported as negative for cervical cancer, and there was a subsequent diagnosis of cervical cancer that occurred within the past 5 years, a conversation with a cervical cancer misdiagnosis attorney may be one of the most important things you can do.

As a result of laboratories and medical professionals failing to properly detect and report the presence of cervical cancer cells on your pap smear slide(s), you or your loved one may have suffered significant health events, emotional and physical stress, along with unintended financial burdens -- like doctor or hospital visits, time off work, necessary treatments and/or surgeries to treat your condition, and so on.

As such, you may be entitled to financial help in the form of legal compensation -- money awarded from individual lawsuits or settlements.

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