Need Help With Workers Compensation In Maryland, Washington DC or Virginia?

When you get injured at work doing your job, you may be entitled to something called workers’ compensation.

Workers compensation is a state-mandated insurance program designed to give employees financial support to pay for the costs of any medical care (past, present and future) and lost wages that result from the injury.

The first step to tapping into workers compensation is to report the injury to your employer.

Were You Denied Workers Comp?

Even though you were legitimately injured while performing your duties at work, many times the insurance company will wrongly deny your workers compensation claim.

We see this all the time here in the Maryland, DC and Virginia region.

But just because your initial workers comp claim was denied does not mean you cannot subsequently be approved for workers compensation payments with the help of a workers compensation lawyer.

Our attorneys know the law and apply unique strategies to your case to help you win the most workers compensation available.

Did You Receive A Letter Saying Your Workers Compensation Payments Will Be Modified, Suspended or Terminated?

Many times you will receive a letter stating that there will be negative changes to your workers’ compensation payments. Often this can be a suspension of payments, or even an outright termination of payments completely.

If this has happened to you, do not fear. There are many steps you can take with the help of a workers comp lawyer in Maryland, DC or Virginia that can ensure you continue to get the payments you need.

What Injuries Are Eligible For Workers Compensation?

Nearly any injury that occurs while you are performing your job is covered under workers compensation. Also, there are no requirements or need to prove who was ‘at-fault’ or responsible for your injuries.

How Can I Get Workers Compensation Help From A Lawyer?

If you work in Maryland, Washington DC or Virginia and have been injured while at work and want help, our workers compensation lawyers are offering free legal consultations.

During your free legal consultation, you will speak with a lawyer about your case, get legal advice on what your best course of action might be, and discover how Greenberg & Bederman may be able to help you with your workers compensation case.

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