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For Patients Who Underwent IV-Infusion of TEPEZZA® for TED/Grave's Disease...

Did You Suffer Hearing Problems After Taking TEPEZZA® For Thyroid Eye Disease?

From the desk of:
Andy Bederman, Managing Attorney

To TEPEZZA® Infusion Patients:

If you experienced hearing loss (or other other hearing problems) after receiving IV infusions of TEPEZZA®, the first ever FDA-approved drug for thyroid eye disease (TED), then this may be the most important message you will ever read...

Here is why...

TEPEZZA® (also known as Teprotumumab) has been found in numerous studies to be linked with serious hearing complications, including:

  • Hearing loss (hypoacusis)
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Sensations of ears being "plugged" or "full"
  • Autophony (an enhanced perception of one's own bodily sounds, especially voice and breathing)

Some studies reported that as much as 65% of patients who received TEPEZZA® infusions suffered hearing-related side effects -- many of which appear to be irreversible.

The manufacturer of TEPEZZA®, Horizon Therapeutics, reported in their pre-market and post-market clinical trials that only approximately 10% of those who received TEPEZZA® reported hearing complications -- far less that what many other recent studies show.

Further, the manufacturer reported that the hearing-related side effects reported in their own clinical trials were mostly "temporary", whereas other studies have reported that hearing-related side effects were persisting even after discontinuation of TEPEZZA®.

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Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit

TEPEZZA® is an infusion therapy that may cause permanent hearing loss.

TEPEZZA® Can Cost $400,000 Per Full Treatment -- But Hearing Loss Can Be Just As Expensive

TEPEZZA® has shown to be an effective drug for treating Thyroid Eye Disease (TED), typically caused by Grave's disease. However, the manufacturer may have failed to properly warn patients and their doctors about the severity of hearing-related risks.

For many patients suffering with thyroid eye disease (TED), the reported 10% rate of temporary hearing problems during treatments was well-worth the risk.

But numerous published studies have come to light, showing the hearing-related risks could be as high as 65% in patients. Even worse, the hearing loss and other hearing-related complications may be PERMANENT.

Tepezza Hearing Loss Exam with Doctor

Doctors Should Have Been Instructed to Monitor Patient Hearing Before, During & After TEPEZZA® Infusion

The authors of many recent studies on TEPEZZA®'s link to hearing complications are recommending that doctors should closely monitor the patient's hearing during and after therapy -- and even establish a baseline of audiologic health prior to therapy.

Additionally, the patient should be made aware that potentially permanent hearing loss may occur from use of TEPEZZA®. In doing so, patients and doctors can accurately weigh both the risks and potential benefits of TEPEZZA® therapy.

Permanent Hearing Loss and Other Hearing Complications Can Cost A Fortune -- And Are Typically A Lifelong Expense

Hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing in the ears) are costly conditions. Hearing exams and modern hearing aids use cutting-edge technologies -- including machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Modern hearing aids will continue to get more expensive as the technology used to improve them are extremely complex.

Health insurance companies are already trying to find ways to limit their liability and coverages for these new, advanced hearing tests and hearing aids due to their ever increasing costs.

If you suffered permanent hearing loss or tinnitus due to TEPEZZA® infusions, you may incur astronomical healthcare costs for the remainder of your life.

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Thyroid eye disease drug causes hearing loss

What Your Next Step Should Be If You Suffering Hearing Complications Due to TEPEZZA® Infusions...

Our legal team has reviewed the available evidence and research, and our experience in pharmacuetical liability cases tell us, that we are in prime position to help hearing complication victims that received TEPEZZA® infusions.

We are offering a free legal consultation and case evaluation to TEPEZZA® infusion patients who experienced any of the following side effects:

  • Hearing loss (hypoacusis)
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Sensations of ears being "plugged" or "full"
  • Autophony (an enhanced perception of one's own bodily sounds, especially voice and breathing)

If you'd like to learn more and speak with a TEPEZZA® lawsuit lawyer free of charge, this is your opportunity to discover the help that is available to you.

Act Now Because There Is A Limited Window of Time To Pursue A Legal Case

There is a very small window of time for victims to seek financial compensation after an injury -- it is called the "statute of limitations" and the time window for pursuing a case is different in each state.

So please do not wait to speak to an attorney because you do not want to miss your opportunity to pursue a TEPEZZA® lawsuit or a TEPEZZA® settlement.

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