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Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Talcum Powder Use On Genitals Linked To 40% Increased Risk of Ovarian Cancer In Women

What To Do If You (or a loved one) Developed Ovarian Cancer After Regular Use of Talcum Powder

From the desk of:
Andy Bederman, Managing Attorney

Dear Friend,

If you or a loved one was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after talcum powder had been used on the genital region, this may be the most important message you will ever read...

Here is why...

A frightening study by Harvard Medical School found that women who regularly use talcum powder around the genital region have a 40% increased risk of contracting ovarian cancer.

Even just "once per week" use showed a 36% increased risk of ovarian cancer.

Worse yet, over 20 other epidemiological studies conducted over the years have shown increased risks of ovarian cancer in women who apply talc powder to their private parts.

So... "Why aren't they warning women about this?"

How One Woman's Stage III Ovarian Cancer May Ultimately Help Other Cancer Victims Get The Help They So Desperately Need

Meet Deane Berg...

A physician's assistant in Sioux Falls, S.D. who received the terrifying and unexpected diagnosis of stage III ovarian cancer on the day after Christmas in 2006.

Having seemingly few prior risk factors, nor genetic predispositions for cancer, Deane began researching what could have caused her to develop this life-changing disease.

What she found was alarming...

In her research, she found study after study linking talcum powder usage for feminine hygiene to an increased risk of ovarian cancer.

Deane had used talcum powder regularly for years.

After seeing all the research, she knew there was a high-likelihood that talcum powder was to blame...

And it wasn't just her opinion -- but an opinion shared by many science researchers and health organizations.

With so much data linking talcum powder to ovarian cancer, Deane asked herself... "Why aren't they warning women about it?"

Deane Asks A Question About Talcum Powder Usage On The Website of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition... What Happened After Is Alarming

After her cancer diagnosis... and after she had found numerous studies showing a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer, Deane Berg decided to seek help from a trusted organization...

She posted a question on the website of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition -- asking if others had similarly used talcum powder for feminine hygiene and suspected it was to blame.

Through the Coalition's website, she met a man that offered to order her an analysis of her tumor -- an in-depth look at what was in her cancerous ovarian tissue.

What Berg discovered lurking inside her tumor was remarkable...

An Analysis Found Talcum Particles INSIDE The Cancerous Tissue of Her Ovarian Tumors

The analysis showed that talcum particles did indeed embed themselves into the affected ovary tissues of Deane Berg.

This analysis further suggested talcum powder applied topically to the genital region could in fact travel up the reproductive tract -- explaining why so many studies show 30-40% increased risk of ovarian cancer with talcum powder usage.

But is one woman's tumor analysis really sufficient to make such a claim?

Would scientists find talcum particles inside the tumor tissue of other women who developed ovarian cancer?

British Researchers Analyzed 13 Ovarian Tumors Under Microscope -- 10 of Them Had Talcum Particles "Deeply Embedded" In Them

Published medical research showed that Deane Berg wasn't the only woman to have her tumor analyzed...

Looking back across the scientific literature, it was found that British researchers had analyzed 13 ovarian tumors under a microscope -- finding that 10 of the 13 showed talcum particles "deeply embedded" in the tissues.

Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

Deane Berg Takes Talcum Powder Manufacturer To Court For Failing To Warn Consumers of Ovarian Cancer Risks -- What The Jury Ruled...

Right off the heels of numerous rounds of chemotherapy for her ovarian cancer, Deane Berg decided to file a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson (manufacturer of baby powder and Shower To Shower brands) for...

Failure to warn consumers about the potential ovarian cancer risks associated with talcum powder usage for feminine hygiene.

Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer Link

Her legal case, built upon decades of published research and over 20 epidemiological studies pointing to an association of risk, was heard in trial by a courtroom jury.

After the evidence was properly weighed by jurors, the court's decision was made...

Jury Finds Johnson & Johnson GUILTY of Negligence For Failing To Warn of the Risk of Ovarian Cancer


...Guilty for failing to warn consumers about the risks of ovarian cancer amidst all the published research and studies that show the risks.

And this decision was made in a state (South Dakota) that is one of the most difficult states for consumer plaintiffs to win in court.

What This Pivotal Court Ruling Means For You...

Because of this one ruling, the courthouse door is now open for EVERY ovarian cancer victim...

...those victims who believe talcum powder use may have played a role in the development of the cancer.

And the courts have spoken --- consumers should have been warned.

Your Right To Be Warned of Talcum Powder's Cancer Risk Was Violated By The Manufacturer

If you (or a loved one) developed ovarian cancer after having used talcum powder for feminine hygiene, you are entitled to seek financial restitution for the product manufacturer's failure to sufficiently warn you.

Had Johnson & Johnson (and other talc powder manufacturers) chosen to include a warning about potential risks of ovarian cancer, you (or your loved one) would have been able to make an educated decision as to the personal use of talcum powder.

And NUMEROUS health organizations and cancer advocacy groups have petitioned the FDA to require talcum powder products to list cancer warnings.

Even Senator Ted Kennedy addressed the Senate requesting the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to place a cancer warning on talcum powder products!

Ted Kennedy quote about talcum powder ovarian cancer risk

But sadly, talcum powder manufacturers chose not include such warnings.

And consumers continued to unknowingly put themselves at risk of deadly ovarian cancer -- something that many consumers would have appreciated being warned about prior to use.

What Your Next Step Should Be If You Or A Loved One Was Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer After Using Talcum Powder

If you or loved one used talcum powder and was then diagnosed with ovarian cancer, there is something you can do today to greatly benefit yourself and your family.

As hard as it might be to imagine, you have been a victim of a product that was not properly labeled to warn of cancer.

In A Court of Law, You May Be Eligible For Money Damages

When you experience something so devastating as a cancer diagnosis or even a death of a loved one, your rights as a consumer might have been violated by the product's manufacturer because they DID NOT fully disclose the extent to which their product could cause harm to you or your loved one.

Talcum powder (aka. baby powder) manufacturers are subject to STRICT guidelines and rules by the FDA. The FDA puts rules in place that require product manufacturers to fully disclose the widest range of known dangers that have been substantiated by research.

...this is done so consumers like YOURSELF can weigh the benefits of using a particular product against the possible dangers and consequences of using that product.

When Product Manufacturers Don't Follow The Rules, Trust With Consumers Is Broken -- And That's When Innocent People Become Victims

As a result of failing to warn consumers of this cancer risk, you or a loved one may have likely suffered significant emotional and physical stress, along with unintended financial burdens -- like doctor or hospital treatments, time off work, and much more.

Why should you suffer and bear a physical, emotional and financial burden for THEIR failure?

You may be entitled to what are called "damages", which is just a legal term for money awarded in individual lawsuits, settlements and class action lawsuits.

Why? Because when a product manufacturer doesn't properly label their products with warnings of cancer risks that are associated with them, you (the consumer) do not have the luxury to know the potential risks and benefits of using that product...

...instead you have to make decisions in the blind, totally unaware of the hidden dangers in the use of a product.

Cancer Victims Winning BILLIONS of Dollars In Talcum Powder Lawsuits

In July 2018, a whopping $4.6 billion dollars was awarded in a jury verdict to 22 women who developed ovarian cancer after regular use of Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder.

Another victim, Eva Echeverria won a $417 million dollar jury verdict after developing ovarian cancer from daily talcum powder use.

Needing treatment for aggressive ovarian cancer caused by talcum powder, Louis Slemp won a $110 million dollar jury award.

And there are many more cases just like these with multi-million dollar results for the victim.

How To Pursue Financial Compensation As A Possible Victim of Talcum Powder Induced Ovarian Cancer

Our legal team has reviewed the available evidence and research, and our experience in product liability cases tell us, that we are in prime position to effectively represent clients who are victims of ovarian cancer linked to talcum powder use.

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