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Suffer Heart Attack or Stroke While Taking Uloric® (febuxostat)?

Uloric®, A New Gout Medication Is Now Linked To Increased Risk of Death Due To Serious Cardiovascular Side Effects

Did you (or a loved one) take Uloric® (febuxostat) and experience any of the following?

  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Death

AT A GLANCE: The FDA on February 21st, 2019 issued a "Black Box Warning" (the most severe warning the FDA can issue) for Uloric® (febuxostat) after a safety clinical trial showed an increased risk of death from heart attacks and strokes in patients taking Uloric® (febuxostat).

The FDA has advised the medical community that Uloric® (febuxostat) should no longer be prescribed to the general gout patient population, or to those patients at high risk for cardiovascular events.


If you think you may have been affected by this, you may be eligible for financial compensation for having not been warned of these risks.

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"As they [Takeda Pharmaceuticals] see adverse events, they have to report them to the FDA. As these adverse events started piling up, and piling up, and piling up, eventually the FDA said, 'We might have a problem here. We need to take a closer look'. When they [FDA] took that closer look, they found that Uloric® specifically had an increased risk of cardiovascular related death as compared to the generics."

Did Patients Really Need Uloric®? Or Was It Rushed To Market Simply For Profits?

Please watch the video which explains the current investigation into Uloric® -- and what the newly discovered health risks mean for patients and the medical community.

Uloric® (febuxostat) was brought to market by Takeda® Pharmaceuticals in 2009. It was marketed as an alternative to Zyloprim (allopurinol), a generic drug that has been on the market for many decades with a stellar reputation for being inexpensive, safe and effective in the treatment of gout.

If an inexpensive, safe and effective drug for gout already existed, then why did Takeda® Pharmaceuticals decide to introduce a MORE expensive, LESS proven drug that DOESN'T show any increased effectiveness over existing generics?

As is all too common with drug sales, the profits are made off the patents -- and drugs that are cheap have little margin for profit.

So drug companies create “new” drugs with modified properties that allow for a new patent. The patent then allows pharmaceuticals to charge MORE for their medication and protect against generics -- all while marketing it as the “latest and greatest” with little track record for safety.

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Uloric heart attack and stroke

Two Frightening Studies Prompts FDA To Act Quickly: Uloric® Linked To Death...

In 2017, the manufacturer of Uloric® (Takeda Pharmaceuticals) was mandated by the FDA to conduct a safety clinical trial for Uloric®. The findings of this safety trial were frightening -- the study showed an increased risk of heart-related deaths and deaths from all causes compared to the alternative gout medication, allopurinol.

Then, in March 2018, a safety study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that compared to the alternative generic gout medication allopurinol, the new Uloric® (febuxostat) was linked to a statistically significant increase in cardiovascular related deaths (due to heart attack and stroke).

These alarming results prompted the FDA to conduct a hearing on the safety of Uloric® (febuxostat).

Have you taken Uloric® (febuxostat)?

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FDA Meeting About Uloric® In Jan 2019: Recommends Halting Uloric® Use In General Gout Population

In January, the FDA held a joint meeting between the Drug Safety & Risk Management Advisory Committee and the Arthritis Advisory Committee to discuss the safety of Uloric®.

Both panels agreed: Uloric® posed a significant enough risk to patients that updated prescribing information was needed for the medical community.

The FDA's updated prescribing mandate for Uloric® was the following:

FDA SAFETY ALERT: Health care professionals should reserve Uloric® for use only in patients who have failed or do not tolerate allopurinol. Counsel patients about the cardiovascular risk with Uloric® and advise them to seek medical attention immediately if they experience the symptoms [of adverse cardiovascular events].

And as if the FDA's prescribing update couldn't be any more telling of the dangers of Uloric®, the FDA chose to apply its most severe health warning to Uloric®...

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Uloric Heart Attack Lawsuit
Uloric black box warning

FDA Issues Infamous "Black Box Warning": Uloric® Linked To Life Threatening Side Effects

On February 21, 2019, the FDA issued its strongest warning for Uloric®, the infamous "Black Box Warning"...

FDA WARNING: As a result, we are updating the Uloric prescribing information to require a Boxed Warning, our most prominent warning.

Further recommendations were made to physicians that Uloric® should not be used with patients who have a history of cardiovascular events or are at high risk for cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and stroke.

No longer is Uloric® to be prescribed to patients as a "first-line therapy" for gout arthritis, but only to those patients who cannot tolerate the safer alternative, allopurinol.

Were you prescribed Uloric® (febuxostat)?

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Uloric Class Action

What Every Uloric® User Should Know...

What To Do If You (Or A Loved One) Suffered A Heart Attack or Stroke While Taking Uloric®

The law protects patients from dangerous drugs that can cause serious harm...

If you (or a loved one) used Uloric® for gout arthritis or hyperuricemia related conditions and subsequently experienced a heart attack, stroke or even death, this may be the most important message you will ever read.

Here is why...

The out medication Uloric® (febuxostat) has been linked to the following complications...

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Death

When Drug Manufacturers Fail To Properly Warn of Dangers, Innocent Patients Become Victims

As a result of the manufacturer of Uloric® failing to properly warn patients and doctors of these adverse cardiovascular risks, you or your loved one likely suffered serious physical and emotional stress, along with unintended financial burdens -- like doctor or hospital visits, time off work, necessary treatments and/or surgeries related to the cardiovascular event.

Why should you suffer and be responsible for the damage caused by a drug manufacturer's failure to properly warn of such risks?

As a victim of a drug that potentially FAILED to properly warn you of such cardiovascular risks with their medication, you may be entitled to what are called "money damages", which is just a legal term for money awarded from individual lawsuits, settlements and class action lawsuits.

All potential Uloric® lawsuits are currently being investigated on the grounds that Takeda Pharmaceuticals® (maker of Uloric®)...

  • failed to properly warn patients and doctors of known cardiovascular event risks

How To Pursue Financial Compensation If You (Or A Loved One) Was Affected...

Our legal team has reviewed the available evidence and our experience tells us that we are in prime position to represent victims who have suffered health and financial consequences due to Uloric® use.

We are currently accepting cases nationally from all 50 states.

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