Cerebral Palsy Is Often The Result of Medical Malpractice

What You Must Know If Your Child Suffered Due To The Negligence of A Medical Professional

Cerebral palsy is a permanent and irreversible crippling condition that affects the central nervous system. Most victims develop the disability before birth or shortly after birth.

While cerebral palsy can occur under the best medical care, many injuries are caused by the negligence of health care providers either at the time of birth, or during the newborn period before the child leaves the hospital. If this is the case, there may be grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

If there is interference with the development of the nervous system, or oxygen or nutrition is prohibited from the brain, the result can be the development of cerebral palsy. At the time of birth, oxygen loss can occur from uncorrected problems with the umbilical cord, damage to the placenta which causes the blood supply to the fetus to be compromised or fetal distress arising from the fetus being stuck in the birth canal. After birth, especially in premature births, cerebral palsy can arise from untreated complications with the cardiovascular, respiratory or digestive system, and from untreated seizures.

When medical professionals fail to give proper care, or improper medical procedures/treatments contributed to the development of cerebral palsy, victims and their families may seek financial compensation in the form of malpractice lawsuit.

Medical symptoms of cerebral palsy include spasticity, seizures, delayed or abnormal development, paralysis, and mental retardation.

Cerebral palsy victims require specialized medical care and therapy and will need financial and medical assistance throughout their lives, depending on the severity of the disorder. Added to the cost of such intensive long-term care is the loss of enjoyment of life that the medical victim experiences.

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